Women in Cages
Women in Cages
Directed by Gerardo de León
Produced by Ben Balatbat

Roger Corman

Written by David Osterhout

James H. Watkins

Edited by Ben Barcelon
Music by Willie Arce
Demetrio de Santos
engineer Tony Gosalvez
Starring Jennifer Gan
Judith M. Brown
Roberta Collins
Pam Grier
Distributed by New World Pictures
Release date 1971

Women in Cages is a film featured in Planet Terror.


Women in Cages is a 1971 film in the women in prison sexploitation sub-genre, co-produced by Roger Corman and directed by Gerardo de León. It was prominently featured in the Planet Terror portion of the 2007 film Grindhouse.

In August 2007, Grindhouse director Quentin Tarantino said of the film, "I'm a huge, huge fan of Gerry de Leon.... [the film] is just harsh, harsh, harsh," he said, and described the final shot as one of "devastating despair."

Movie Story

Carol 'Jeff' Jeffries (Jennifer Gan) is set up by her boyfriend, Rudy (Charlie Davao), who she doesn't realise runs a ship-board prostitution, gambling and drug dealing empire. Thrown into a harsh prison, she encounters Alabama (Pam Grier), a sadistic lesbian guard fond of torture. Cellmate Stokes (Roberta Collins) is a heroin addict who agrees to a plot involving Jeff, that will secure her more heroin. Another cell mate Sandy (Judith "Judy" Brown) also agrees to a plot involving Jeff, that could secure her own release. Their other cellmate Theresa (Sofia Moran) is Alabama's girlfriend.

Realising her boyfriend is not helping her, Jeff hopes to escape through the jungle, but learns that local poachers are paid to track and kill escapees—who inevitably become lost in the wilds surrounding the prison. When Theresa falls foul of Alabama and loses her privileged position in the cell block, escape becomes an attractive option to her. Theresa reveals that she knows the jungle well and can obtain outside help. Despite the fact that two of her three cellmates had previously agreed to covert plots involving Jeff, all three of her cellmates—Sandy, Stokes and Theresa—agree to accompany her on the escape.


  • The character Alabama in True Romance was named after Pam Grier's character in this film. In the original script, Clarence even mentions that the name sounds like a Pam Grier Character.


  • White skin on the black market!
  • The dirty dolls of devil's island. You can meet them for a price!
  • Naked lust that builds to a deadly climax



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