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Useless Talent #66.

The Useless Talents are a set of talents or traits one can have that are regarded as not having any purpose.

In The Film

The useless talents are heard all through the film. The talents are seen below.

Useless Talents

Useless Talent #12.

Useless Talent #12

This talent is go-go dancing. Skip had asked Cherry if she know what a go-go dance is,  to which she responds that it is Useless Talent #12.

Useless Talent # 32

This is riding a motorcycle. Upon leaving The Bone Shack, Wray asks Cherry if she remebers how to ride one. Cherry replied by saying that it is Useless Talent #32.

Useless Talent #32.

Useless Talent # 66

Useless Talent #66 is performing a backbend. As Cherry and Dakota were held captive by Rapist #1 and Rapist #2, Cherry asks Dakota if she is a doctor, to which she repsonded by saying that she was earlier tonight. Dakota then asks her if she is a dancer and Cherry says the same answer. Cherry then added that she always wanted to be a doctor, but instead she can perform a backbend. Cherry utilizes this useless talent while avoiding an attack from a Sicko.

Useless Talent #66.

Useless Talent #37

This Useless Talent was not clearly stated. After Cherry attacks Rapist #1, Dr. Dakota grabbed her needles that she kept straddled to her hip and shoots Rapist #2. Cherry had asked her where she got those from and Dakota replied by saying "Useless Talent #37."  It can be speculated that Useless Talent #37 is either carrying a hidden weapon or being an anesthesiologist.

Useless Talent #37.

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