Thanksgiving is a fake trailer seen in the Grindhouse Double Feature. This is the fourth fake trailer, or the fifth for Canada only.


In the historical town of Plymouth Massachusetts, a deranged killer dressed like a Pilgrim goes on a killing spree on Thanksgiving day. The turkey will not be the only thing getting stabbed!!


  • Jeff Rendell as  The Pilgrim
  • Liliya Malkina as The Grandmother
  • Kevin Wasner as The Turkey Pilgrim
  • Mike McCarty as  The Rioter
  • Michael Biehn as The Sheriff
  • Mark Bakunas as The Deputy
  • The Klando Majorettes as Screaming Girls
  • Vendula Kristek as The Cheerleader
  • Petr Vancura as The Boyfriend
  • Jordan Ladd as  Judy
  • Eli Roth as Tucker
  • Jay Hernandez as Bobby
  • Dan Frisch as The Human Turkey
  • Chris Briggs as  The Vomiting Cousin
  • Karel Vanásek as The Grandfather
  • Katherin-Ellen Zabehlicky as The Granddaughter


  • Eli Roth did the creepy voice-over for his "Thanksgiving" trailer.


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