Tammy Visan
General Information
Gender Female
Affiliations Dr. Dakota Block
Status Deceased
Debut Planet Terror
Appearances Planet Terror
Portrayed by Stacy Ferguson
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Now how did you know that?
— Tammy to J.T.

Tammy Visan is a  supporting character in Planet Terror.

She is portrayed by Stacy Ferguson.

Planet Terror

Tammy was having an affair with Dakota. She was suppose to pick up Tony from the babysitters and leave with him and Dakota.

Tammy checks her car.

Tammy checks her car.

Tammy was first seen arriving at The Bone Shack. Her car was having problems. She exits her vehicle with a bucket and got some water to fix it. J.T. exits and tells her to get her away from his pumps. As Cherry arrives, she asks her if she's okay. Cherry goes inside and J.T. then offers Tammy a gallon of water for her car. J.T. asks her if she wants to come inside but she declines. Later, Tammy's car stopped in the middle of nowhere. She grabs a
Tammy, before her death.

Tammy, moments before her death.

flashlight and starts walking off. She tries to signal passing drivers, but they don't respond. She falls and then continues to try to get help. Seconds later, she is attacked by Sickos, the same Sickos Romey had lost.
Dead Tammy

Dead Tammy.

Her dead body is taken to the hospital. There Block sees her and then he confronts Dakota.


She is arriving in town to retrieve Dakota and Tony. They have been secretly contacting each other.

It's unknown if she and Block have met each other.


  • In English, the name Tammy [Pronounced TAM-ee] means- A diminutive of any feminine name beginning with Tam-.. Other origins for the name Tammy include - English, African.The name Tammy is most often used as a girl name or female name.


  • "Are you okay?"
  • "There's your good spring water."


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