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General Information
Gender Male, Female
Status Undead
Debut Planet Terror
Appearances Planet Terror
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Sickos are the virus infected humans in Planet Terror.


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Known Sickos


The zombies were created by biological chemical researcher, Abby. They spawned from a highly- deadly disease Abby created known as DC2, (code name: Project Terror). The infection is a bacteria that kills the host but keeps the organs working, also giving the host a hunger for flesh. It was meant to destablise high populations but Abby soon found a way to sell the infection to the military. However, he would only sell a part of his supply and keep the rest for himself.


The infection first spread when the gas was released and floated over town. Those who were contaminated by it became zombies and bit others, infecting them. However, if the bitten part of the body is amputated before the bacteria takes over, the infection is gone. Contagious blood coming into bare skin doesn't seem to infect them.


The sickos are very disgusting in appearance. They are covered in pimple-like bumps all over their face and body, resulting from the DC2. They walk very slow and do not seem to run but are very strong in their arms, teeth and biceps. They can pick a man up and throw him and rip a body part off in seconds. They are fast eaters, as well.

Director's Comments

I think that there was a film of Romero called The Crazies and some older Italian zombie movies as well, which already used this subject. I remember this Italian film called City of the Dead which is very much the Planet Terror-type. The director of this movie used to say that they are infected people, not zombies. (laughs) So that was always a sub-genre of the zombie movies: There was another explanation for the zombies, they weren't just dead people returning to life. Technically they are not zombie movies,but you still call them so. Our name for them in my movie was "The Sickos" because they all are infected and sick by something they brought back from the Iraq war.
— Robert Rodriguez



Robert Rodriguez interview

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