Planet Terror poster 2.

Planet Terror.

This page contains the parents guide for the film.

Sex & Nudity

  • In a trailer, topless women are seen kissing a man.
  • A woman is seen dancing provactively.
  • A doctor shows a man images of people with a disease he has, some of the images are of badly diseased genitals.
  • Brief sexual activity is seen.
  • Rape is implied.


  • Strong language is heard.


  • People crowd around a man and cut his balls off, it's not seen but we do see his severed testicle placed into a jar full of severed testicles. The jar is smashed and bloody testicles fly all over the place and a man starts trying to pick them up. (gory and disturbing).
  • A woman's leg is ripped off.
  • Zombies rip a man in half.
  • Lots of shooting and stabbing.
  • Limbs ripped off.
  • A doctor looks at a horribly infected mans tongue, he squeezes some of the swelling and blood and pus spray over his face.
  • A child shoots himself in the face off-screen by accident, we then see his body.
  • Very gory images of diseased people are seen.

Drug/Alcohol Abuse

  • A couple brief scenes of character who smoke cigarettes.
  • Some alcohol is seen.
  • Characters are drugged with anaesthesia.

Intense Scenes

  • Extremely gory and contains lots of disturbing and nasty scenes.
  • Dogs and children die in the film.
  • Some moderately scary or intense scenes.
  • While the movie is very violent, it is done in an over the top way that reduces its intensity.
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