The M1911A1 is a weapon used in Planet Terror.

Planet Terror

Lt. Muldoon carries a M1911A1 throughout the film. Rapist #1, uses a Rock Island Armory 1911 to threaten Cherry Darling and Dr. Block.

Lt. Muldoon

Muldoon with M1911A1

Lt. Muldoon fires at Abby.

Muldoon fires his 1911A1 at Abby when the deal for the "shit" goes bad. Which misses and hits the guy next to him.


Wray fires the 1911A1 upside down at the soldier. His thumb would be hurting like hell from the slide recoiling back. Also the grip safety must be faulty in order fire.

Wray uses M1911A1

Wray uses the M1911A1 gun.

Rapist #1

M1911A1 used by Lewis

Rapist #1 threatens Cherry.

Rapist #1 uses the gun to threaten Cherry as she dances.
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