M16A1 Rifle

M16A1 Rifle.

The M16A1 Rifle is a weapon used in Planet Terror.

Planet Terror

The M16A1 is used by the soldiers and the survivors at the Army base. Dakota uses it at the survivor's base.

Muldoon's Soldiers

Soldier with M16A1 Rifle

Soldier with M16A1 Rifle.

A solider holds his M16A1 on one of Abby's men, when the deal for the "shit" goes bad.
Soldier with M16A1 Rifle 2

M16A1 Rifle.

The M16A1 Rifle can be seen here again.


Abby with M16A1 Rifle

Abby with M16A1 Rifle.

Abby is seen with the M16A1 Rifle at the end of the film.


Dakota with M16A1 Rifle

Dakota with M16A1 Rifle.

Dakota is seen with the rifle at the end of the film.
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