Lt. Muldoon
General Information
Gender Male
Occupation Lieutenant
Affiliations Rapist 1
Status Deceased
Debut Planet Terror
Appearances Planet Terror
Portrayed by Bruce Willis
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— Muldoon to Abby

Lt. Muldoon is a character in Planet Terror.

He is portrayed by Bruce Willis.

Planet Terror


Muldoon asks about the 'shit'.

Lt. Muldoon is first seen in the begining of the film. After Abby kills Romey, he exits the vehicle and asks Abby about the 'shit'. Abby points out the the location of the 'shit', but he adds that he wants all of it. Abby then begins to shoot him, to which a battle takes place. Abby is shortly apprehended. Mulddoo then asks abou the 'shit' once more. Abby then shoots a container as a green gas is seen expelling from it. Abby escapes as Muldoon and others bathe in the green gas.
Muldoon with M1911A1

Muldoon shoots Abby.

Later, Muldoon apprehends the survivors and place them in a quarantine area. Abby and Wray manages to escape and they encounter Muldoon. We learn that Muldoon was the one who killed Bin Ladden, but he and his men got infected by the DC2 virus. The only way to fight the mutation is to inhale large quantities of it. Muldoon is killed by Wray and Abby.


He is apparently buying DC2 from Abby, making them business partners.


  • "Looks like I got you by the balls, kid."
  • "I put two in his heart, one in his computer."


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