Earl McGraw
General Information
Gender Male
Occupation Police Officer
Affiliations Earl McGraw
Dr. Dakota Block
Romona McGraw
Status Deceased
Debut From Dusk Till Dawn
Appearances From Dusk Till Dawn
Kill Bill Vol 1.
Planet Terror
Death Proof
Portrayed by Michael Parks
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Sheriff Earl McGraw is a supporting character in Planet Terror.

He is portrayed by Michael Parks.

Character Background


Earl McGraw in Kill Bill Vol. 1

Character played by veteran actor Michael Parks, who appears in From Dusk Till Dawn, Kill Bill and both segments of Grind House, Planet Terror and Death Proof. Though this character originally met his fate due to the Gecko brothers, he seemingly survived appearing in two more films. The character's son is Edgar McGraw, also Sheriff, and his daughter is Dakota, an anaesthesiologist.

Planet Terror

He is first seen leaving the police station as Sheriff Hague arrives with Wray. Before leaving, Wray asks him about Romona, his wife. The two then engage in a brief conversation. Earl asks Wray if he smokes,  to which Wray says no. After he leaves, Wray immediately starts smoking. Later, at his house, Wray is feeding Romona. Sheriff Hague calls him and asks for his support to defend the survivors from Sickos. After the call, Romona is emmediately turned by the virus. He is forced to kill his wife. Then, Dakota arrives with a dead Tony. After the Missing Reel, he arrives at The Bone Shack with Dakota and Tony. He then stays behind to kill the Sickos. He then saves Dakota by killing Block at the last moments of the film.


He despise Block.

He seems to not show any concerns for Dakota.

He is always there for Romona.


  • In English, the name Earl means- Nobleman. Based on the English title of Earl. Famous bearer: jazz pianist Earl Fatha Hines;.. Other origins for the name Earl include - English, Irish.The name Earl is most often used as a boy name or male name. Pronounced URL.


  • "Never did like that son of a bitch. About useless as a pecker on a pope."


  • According to Quentin Tarantino, he is a character similar to The Wolf, who can theoretically move between the universe
  • The character's son, Edgar McGraw is portrayed by Park's real life son James Parks.


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