Deputy Tolo
Deputy Tolo
General Information
Gender Male
Occupation Police Officer
Affiliations Deputy Carlos
Sheriff Hague
Status Deceased
Debut Planet Terror
Appearances Planet Terror
Portrayed by Tom Savini
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— Hague to Deputy Tolo

Deputy Tolo is a supporting character in Planet Terror.

He is portrayed by Tom Savini.

Planet Terror

As Cherry is in the hospital, Wray waits outside the operating room. Tolo arrives with Sheriff Hague and Deputy Carlos. They apprehend Wray and take him to the police station. As Wray is inside, talking to Hague, Tolo enters and states that a man was causing a ruckus at Skip's place and he arrested him. When Tolo was bringing him to the station, he bit his finger off. Carlos is sent to investigate. He is then killed in a battle. Wray heads back to the hospital to get Cherry whereas Tolo, Hague and others follow. At the hospital, Tolo accidentally shoots a patient. Later they head for The Bone Shack. After the Missing Reel, it is revealed that he accidentally shot Hague. Later Tolo is killed by Sickos.


He works alongside Hague and Carlos most of the time.


  • "Don't give him the gun."


  • Deputy Tolo is a terrible shot. He keeps misfiring through the movie. In Spanish and Portuguese Tolo means fool.
  • If you were to rearrange the word tolo you could get tool, another word for fool.


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