Colt Python

Colt Python

Colt Python is a weapon used in Planet Terror.

Planet Terror

Sheriff Hague carries a Colt Python as sidearm throughout the film. Deputy Tolo uses a Colt Python outside the police station, but it switches to a Ruger Security Six at the hospital. Wray is given a Ruger Security Six by Sheriff Hague at The Bone Shack it then switches to a Colt Python and he uses it through the end of the film.

Sherff Hague

Hague with Colt Python

Hague with Colt Python.

Sheriff Hague fires his Python at one of the zombies. Director Robert Rodriguez notes on the DVD commentary that Michael Biehn asked him if there should be a shot of him reloading. Rodriguez said the audience would be wondering more about how Cherry fires her gun without pulling the trigger, than gun reloads

Deputy Tolo

DeputyTolo with Colt Python

Tolo with Colt Python.

Deputy Tolo with his Python ready to take on more zombies outside the police station


Wray with a Python trying to figure out a plan with Abby to commandeer the helicopters at the Military Base.
Wray with Python

Wray with Python.

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