Machete veh.

AM General M-939.

The AM General M-939 is a vehicle seen in the film.


In 1975, the AM General company developed a replacement of his own 5-ton series. The first order they received only in April 1981, and production of M939 (6x6) range began in 1982. This range was very similar to M809 series, but it had a new automatic 5-speed transmission Allison, 2-speed transfer gear-box, a pneumatic brake drive and a new more reliable axles Rockwell. For the first time on these machines appeared a diagnostic system and a cab with enhanced sound insulation, and an old front mask of standardized trucks replaced by a new front mask with integrated headlights. The cabin was able to accommodate three crew members. Trucks had a gross weight 14,2-21,0 ton, and speed was 84 km/h. Trucks could climb a slope up to 60%. Since 1985, released an updated range A1 for use in snow and desert regions. It was equipped with a closed all-metal or a soft-top cab, central tire inflation system and ABS. Until 1992, over 21 thousand copies of this trucks were produced. The range consisted of:
M939, M940, M941, M942, M943 - basic chassis with different length of wheelbase with a winch or without it. Also was produced in A1 variant with single rear wheels and A2 with a central tire inflation system.

In The Film

The AM General M-939 is seen in the Machete trailer. It can be seen as Machete throws a machate at an enemy.

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