Lt Muldoon's ride

AM General HMMVW.

AM General HMMWV is a vehicle seen in the fim.

Vehicle's History

Wherever you see American troops around the world, you see HMMWVs (Humvees) in action. Even around the U.S., in natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and tornadoes, you'll see HMMWVs when the National Guard is at work.

Although the HMMWV has been in production since 1985, its design is still as revolutionary today as it was when engineers began initial concepts in 1979. The final design met military requirements to replace numerous types of aged vehicles and to keep up with swift moving tanks. The Army wanted durability, mobility and reliability. The unique geometry of the truck provides these qualities. No other light tactical vehicle in the world approaches the HMMWV's capabilities or cost effectiveness.

That doesn't mean today's HMMWVs are the same as those first produced. The HMMWV is a dynamic vehicle with changes and improvements continually added. For instance, thorough corrosion resistance has been added and most components have been upgraded, including the move to a larger 6.5-litre diesel engine. From day one, system developers have continually found new users for the flexible HMMWV. Initially introduced with a 1½-ton payload capacity, increased payload requirements to carry various systems have led to Expanded Capacity Vehicles with payloads up to 5,100 lbs. and gross vehicle weight rating (GVW) up to 12,100 lbs.

In The Film

The AM General HMMWV was used by Abby to escape the military base.


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